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The company was founded in 2002 as a sole proprietorship and in 2004 was incorporated as a legal entity, PT STAV spol. s.r.o. Its operations also include an associated firm – TRANSPORT plus, s.r.o., specializing in transporting freight and passengers.

The firm’s main activities are plumbing and carpentry for single-family homes, residential blocks, churches and historical buildings; contracted work for construction and other companies; seasonal work and in the engineering and construction of grandstands and tents for various major world events and exhibitions, such as the Olympic Games, Formula 1 Racing, 24 Hours of Le Mans and others. All work is performed according to the type of engagement, not just within the Slovak Republic but throughout the EU.

Our firm carefully tracks all new production technologies and know-how that appear on the market in the European Union, incorporating them into our operating procedures.

To perform quality work, we have a SCHLEBACH brand profiling machine, a manual sheet metal folder and portable WUKO SPRINTER roof seaming machine, bending machines, scaffolding, etc.

Thanks to a sufficient and constant number of skilled craftsmen, we are able to operate very well on a sizable number of engagements.

On all the work we do we offer a guarantee of quality based on agreement with the customer.

We place great emphasis on the quality of our work, evidenced by the number of satisfied customers not just in Slovakia but also abroad. We believe that you can also be amongst them.

Thank you for express confidence.


The expertise and professionalism of our work is guaranteed by the Association of Slovak Roofers, of which our company is a member.